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How Biodiversity Management Software is Changing the Way Bushland Managers Work

A small group of early-adopter Bushland Managers across Victoria gathered in early May to exchange ideas about how software was changing the way they managed the spaces in their care. The minutes from the forum can be downloaded here. In this article we feature 5 evolving approaches. Works Reporting at Merri Creek Tony Faithful presented some ground-breaking practices around Works Reporting in Merri Creek. Armed with Windows tablets toughened for use in the field, the … Read More

Urban Fringe at Arthurs Seat

Naturelinks has an ongoing relationship with a number of Friends Groups, and The Green Army, and we have been working together for many years. Through the direct coordination and communication between our Bushland Management Team, local water authorities and Volunteer groups, we strive to achieve our long term goals of biodiversity and sustainability in everything we do. One such project is the Urban Fringe at Arthurs Seat. The ongoing Urban Fringe Grant is a joint … Read More

Dainty Wasp Orchid

Following a significant disturbance event of high intensity browsing by, most likely, Swamp Rats, the  last known population of Dainty Wasp Orchid had crashed to under 20(leaf pair) individuals.  Two strategies were employed to allow the DWO to clonally re-establish a colony. Firstly a protective mesh was laid over the extent of the population as a physical barrier to browsing. Secondly, biomass of Bracken and Thatch Saw Sedge was slashed to presumably deter movement near … Read More


Through our dedicated staff, and large range of equipment, we are able to carry out a vast range of quality environmental projects, achieving the high levels of corporate compliance required. Safet READ MORE


The strength is being able to give them a rundown of the job and be confident in their competence in managing native vegetation. I trust what they do, and they have a good reputation in the industry READ MORE


Naturelinks is able to carry out a vast range of quality bushland management projects, achieving quality results with passion for the environment, and being sustainable in everything we do. READ MORE