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Urban Fringe at Arthurs Seat

Naturelinks has an ongoing relationship with a number of Friends Groups, and The Green Army, and we have been working together for many years. Through the direct coordination and communication between our Bushland Management Team, local water authorities and Volunteer groups, we strive to achieve our long term goals of biodiversity and sustainability in everything we do.

One such project is the Urban Fringe at Arthurs Seat.

The ongoing Urban Fringe Grant is a joint collaboration between Parks Victoria and the Mornington Peninsula Shire, and is funded through the Urban Fringe Weed Initiative. The project aims via strategic weed control to enhance the conservation values, prevent future weed invasion and increase the cover and diversity of indigenous species of Arthurs Seat State Park. Management of the reserve has consisted of follow up works as well as expanding into previously unmanaged areas throughout Forgotten Spur and Kings Falls areas. Scrambler and woody weed control was the main focus for this project.

The Cook Street Friends Group conducts working bees annually every May, which are coordinated by Parks Victoria. A large group of more than 60 volunteers from an assortment of different groups/clubs undertook a variety of works from woody weed to scrambler control in May 2016. The groups/clubs work in designated blocks within the Reserve; some have been working on these blocks for over 15 years. The group’s main focus is to reduce the number of emerging woody weeds and Blue Bell creeper.


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