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Holcim Quarries - Pakenham net gain offset and quarry rehabilitation


Sections of a quarry were reaching its terminal phase and our client required the site to be revegetated in accordance with the Offset Management Plan to create the correct EVC for the area.


There were many stages involved in the project including biomass control, herbicide application, hydro seeding, and installation of flora.

Site meetings were organised with quarry management and plans drawn up to determine the correct abundance and distribution of plant species. Suppliers and contractors were organised for the various stages of the project and staff were inducted in all aspects of safety at the quarry.

Weed control was conducted by manual reduction of biomass and by using selective herbicide to supress a wide range of species.  Hydro seeding a mixture of native grass and sterile rye stabilised the embankments minimising erosion and dust in the quarry area.

The planting, staking and guarding of the over storey (2500 plants) and under storey (20,000 plants) across the site took several weeks to complete.


The revegetation of this initial 5 hectares has been very successful with an excellent plant survival rate. Our client has completed all of their environmental audits in regard to the mandatory revegetation of this area.

Maintenance of revegetation, watering of plants, weed control using various techniques and biomass reduction is on-going. However the costs and needs for maintenance are reducing as the native plants establish.

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